Setup: Easy way to access Setup is a login setup page for Netgear New Wi-Fi Range Extender, with you can log into Netgear Extender Setup using the default credential details.

Mentioned below are some steps to connect to login / setup page:

Unbox your Netgear Wi-Fi booster and plug it into an electrical outlet.

Be sure to place your Wi-Fi router near your Wi-Fi router.

Now, grab a laptop or cell phone and open the Wi-Fi settings.

Look for Wi-Fi that is named Netgear_Ext.

Enter password to connect.

Register your Netgear Extender device on the setup page.

Now, look at the NEW EXTENDER SETUP button and click on it.

Finally, click on the finish button and complete the setup

Netgear Wi-Fi Booster lets you connect up to 30-40 devices at the same time. If you still have trouble regarding the login / setup page, feel free to talk to our technician anytime.

MYWIFIEXT New Extender Setup: Troubleshooting Steps setup not working ok? Well, a lot of users are facing that problem. is a local setup page that is used to install and configure your Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender. Users will go to this web address without any trouble with the Wi-Fi extender configuration.

Users can come up with an error message, that is when visiting the login page to make any personal adjustments to the new Extender setup. just did not work. The major explanation behind the problem is that instead of, the domain address is not a standard, but a local web address.

Mentioned below are some troubleshooting steps for the setup:

The Netgear Extender is plugged into an electric socket that provides a smooth power supply.

Fold the Netgear Extender power button slightly and then spin it again.

Link your notebook or laptop with high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity.

In the web address bar, type the web URL to the right i.e.

Verify that the Ethernet cable you use is not broken or damaged.

Check the password once again.

Install the latest firmware on your router

Use the default IP address.

And if you do not work, restart your web browser and start again.

If you still encounter any problems regarding the setup of your Netgear Extender, feel free to talk to our setup expert anytime.

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