Mywifiext.Net Setup Guide For New extender setup

By | September 16, 2020
netgear extender setup
netgear extender setup

Discuss the brief description of how to setup the New extender setup. So that you can connect your extender to the home Wi-Fi network without any hassle. So now jump in steps.

Instructions given below for netgear extender setup Guide:

Netgear extender setup
Netgear extender setup

• Ensure that you are connected to the Netgear_Ext network to complete the , mywifiext setup.

• Your netgear router setup must be within the range of the router.

• When you plug your extender in, the power light should be green.

• setup page is not just an online URL, it is an offline webpage.

• If your router does not support WPS, you can set your extender manually.

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New extender setup
New extender setup

The netgear ac1200 wifi range extender setup login page asks you to create a username and password. After filling the information, the NETGEAR Genie setup screen will open.

So now let’s discuss how to connect netgear installation assistant to setup:

1. Turn on your Ipad and connect to the netgear genie setup Wifi extender network.

2. Go to Safari or Chrome application and go to

3. Press the ‘New Extender Setup’ button

4. Fill in your information on the netgear setup extender Create Account page and. Tap on Next.

5. Choose the first of the two options, Wifi Range Extender.

6. Now select your home Wi-Fi from the list and tap on Next, if your router does not have a 5GHz band, and then uncheck the 5GHz option before tapping on ‘Next’.

7. Now you have to enter your home wifi password and hit next.

8. (Optional) You can also change the netgear installation assistant network name and password and press ‘Next’. In most cases, it is recommended to leave.

9. Now your extender is all working, you can connect your iPad to it.


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